Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society

About Us

Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society (SUWS) is very popular name in the state of West Bengal so far microfinance activities are concerned. Though formally established in 1993 it came into microfinance operation effectively in the year 1998.

Commencement of journey of SUWS was the collective effort of some young dynamic people who were ready to work for the benefit of the people coming from socially and economically disadvantaged segments and their drive was really challenging one as this was a new venture to them. They acted under the leadership of Sri Sudipta Banerjee, present C.E.O and Secretary of the organisation who devoted his career entirely for the social work. In addition they were persistently guided by Shri Kashinath Banerjee, existing President of SUWS.

Basic objective towards formation of SUWS was to strive for all-round development of the distressed and disadvantaged class of the people having no resources, with financial and other supports for their livelihood through a non-profitable organisation.

SUWS was registered on 3rd July 1996 under West Bengal Societies Registration Act XXVI of 1961 and came into micro-finance operations in 1998 to achieve the goal.

Micro Finance may be defined as provision of thrift, credit and other financial services and products of very small amounts, to the poor in rural, semi urban or urban areas, for enabling them to raise their income levels and improve living standards. Presently, larger part of micro finance activity is confined to credit only. Right from the beginning main thrust of SUWS was to work with women who are in socially and economically disadvantageous position, for their social upliftment and economic emancipation.

SUWS believes that SHG members as also their family can do much better if some other supports and inspiration are imparted to them. With this belief and for better impact SUWS has been arranging annual meet where the working strategy of the society is clearly explained before the SHG members as also the field staffs for working under transparent environment and good understanding. Besides, selected SHG members are felicitated for their notable performance throughout the year. Meritorious wards of SHG members are awarded with scholarships and/or books for their study are distributed among them. The above was started with a view to motivate SHG members and their family for better performance as well as competing in greater areas, in the time to come.

SUWS is having well organised administrative team and present Governing Board comprises of personalities with sound academic, social services, banking and micro-finance background. Management of SUWS is quite conscious and ensures that cost effective financial services is extended and priority is given to needy members. Time to time SUWS has opened branches according to the potential of the area and presently it is having 84 branches in 9 districts in West Bengal with expert field staffs.

Field level operations is supervised by GM (operations) as well as DMs. Besides, SUWS is having well organised MIS department headed by one GM. Installation of on-line reporting system is going on and many of the branches have already been connected thereto. Total branch operations are being reported to MIS department through various control returns.

SUWS is also having internal audit team which keeps close watch on performances at all levels. Interest rates and other directives on microfinance activities issued by the regulatory authority are complied with and without any deviation. SUWS is putting its best efforts for betterment of its all-round performances at all segments.

Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the socio-economic condition by empowering the downtrodden and disadvantaged people through a platform based on financial and other supports.

Our Vision

A society with smiling people having no discrimination in gender, caste and qualification with sense of equality and a country with economic independence and social dignity.

Primary Responsibility

We are primarily pledged to extend financial services at the doorstep of actually needy and poorest people of the society for their socio-economic up-liftment and to provide voluntary services from the surplus generated out of financial activities.