Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society


Micro Finance

SUWS has been offering micro finance services since 1998 and maintaining very cordial relationship with its members. Field level staffs are having regular interactions with the members to understand their problem and to provide all sorts of assistance to convert their thoughts into reality. They are also arranging for training in case of need. This has enabled the field staffs very close to the members and serve them better .

Micro-Credits are mainly offered to :

SUWS aims in poverty alleviation with women empowerment through the process of financial inclusion of the poor to the poorest mass of the society. Micro finance is used as a tool for income generation and improvement in the quality of life of the beneficiaries. Loans are disbursed for various income generating activities like Agriculture and agro-Processing Job, zari work, embroidery, handicraft, tailoring, manufacturing of soft toys, vegetable vending, fishing, rice husking, animal Husbandry, small Business including various trading activities and many more enabling the beneficiaries to earn their bread. Borrowers are subjected to fulfilment of their eligibility for the loan applied for as well as compliance of KYC formalities.

Insurance :

In order to ensure refund/adjustment of loan in case of any disaster, principal loan amount is got covered under Group Insurance Scheme of Life Insurance Corporation of India. Cost of such insurance being 1% of the loan amount is borne by the borrower. In case of death of the borrower or her spouse, loan amount is adjusted out of the claim amount settled by the insurance company and the balance amount is refunded to the borrower or her spouse, i.e. survivor.

Products and Services

Sahara Utsarga Welfare Society is now working in nine districts with its 91 branches to provide credit support for various activities for generation of employment, production entrepreneurship, developing resources of the community and income generating opportunity of the members. Fall in number of branches is due to merger of certain branches at nearby stations, for better productivity by optimum utilisation of manpower, better profitability by way of reduction in fixed overheads.

Society aims to provide the financial support on easy terms so far the rate of interest and repayment of loan are concerned. During the last F.Y. the company offered loans on 52-weeks term with interest at 13%(flat). While disbursing the loan society collects insurance fee and customer mentoring charges @1% each from its SHG members. Following the RBI guidelines the society has, however, discontinued accepting the security deposit from its borrowers against the micro-credit loan and the deposits taken have been refunded.

Product Highlights:

Type of Loan


Lending to SHG Members

Loan Size


Rs. 2000 to Rs. 15000

Loan Period


52 Weeks

Rate of Interest


13% (24.83% on reducing balance )            

Repayment Frequency



Security Deposit






Other Fees


Insurance Fee 1% and Customer Mentoring charges – 1%, on the loan amount.


Our Mission

Our mission is to strengthen the socio-economic condition by empowering the downtrodden and disadvantaged people through a platform based on financial and other supports.

Our Vision

A society with smiling people having no discrimination in gender, caste and qualification with sense of equality and a country with economic independence and social dignity.

Primary Responsibility

We are primarily pledged to extend financial services at the doorstep of actually needy and poorest people of the society for their socio-economic up-liftment and to provide voluntary services from the surplus generated out of financial activities.